Old Souls and young heart

Solo Exhibition //Old Souls and young heart// Olivia Berger

@ Lipopette, Berlin 22.03.2015

@ Cafe Mitte, Berlin 18.07.2015

 Ink, Acrylic & Graphite on Paper

(Photography Copyright: Giuilo Tarantino, Djuneid Dulloo)


" Old souls and young heart " is a serie of artwork inspired by us through time.

Aging is a process such as art. Aging is beautiful and wrickles are open books to our life style, our personality, our experiences and shows us the end of our youth. But even we all get through this aging process, it is still possible to live with a young heart and never forget the child in us.


These drawings combines the aging process with the child in us. The realistic drawing of the person would be  the process of time, of concentration and hard working. Compared to the playfull details of organic and geometrical lines and shapes, produced in uncontrolled and spontaneous way like a child would do.